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2 a 3 dezembro de 2013 - São Paulo - SP


Keynote Speaker: Arnold Nipper, CTO and DE-CIX Co-founder

Arnold Nipper (born 1958) holds a degree in mathematics and is one of the founding fathers of DE-CIX Management GmbH where in his capacity as CTO/COO he has been responsible for operations and technical development since 2000. The DE-CIX in Frankfurt am Main is the largest Internet Exchange worldwide where traffic exchange between Internet Service Providers (peering) takes place. Besides overseeing operations, Arnold Nipper supervises technical planning, installation, and the continuous expansion of DE-CIX. Arnold Nipper also serves as board member at the Euro-IX, the umbrella association of Internet Exchanges.

Arnold Nipper is one of the pioneers in the area of Internet and network technology in Germany and has over 20 years of professional experience under his belt. From 1994 to 2000 he was the CTO at one of the first German Internet Providers, Xlink Internet Service GmbH, which operated under the name KPNQwest Germany GmbH after it was taken over by the Dutch KPN in 1999. From 1989 to 1993 Mr. Nipper was a research assistant at the Technical University Karlsruhe where he built the first IP connection for the university and helped lead the development of the national German Research and Education Network, WiN-IP. At the end of the eighties, Arnold Nipper was one of the founders of the Réseaux IP Européens (RIPE), the first European forum for the technical coordination and development of theInternet. As chairman of IV-DENIC, the advocacy platform Deutsches Network Information Center, he played an important part in the establishment and development of the first name server for .de domains.

About DE-CIX

DE-CIX German Internet Exchange is the central, international Internet Exchange in Frankfurt am Main. DE-CIX enables the exchange of IP-traffic, the so called peering between Internet Service Providers through a failsafe switch infrastructure. Founded in 1995, DE-CIX today is the most important Internet exchange for Central and Eastern Europe, and the largest Internet exchange worldwide for data throughput. Over 400 ISPs from over 40 countries carry out an essential part of their Internet traffic through DE-CIX. The independent carrier-neutral owner and operator of the Internet exchange is DE-CIX Management GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of eco e.V., German Internet Industry





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